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QUICK TAKE: U.S. Open Weather Forecast Appears Mixed View More
The weather will be a big factor in how the course sets up at the U.S. Open. (Photo Credit: Rob Schumacher, USA Today Sports)

QUICK TAKE: U.S. Open Weather Forecast Appears Mixed

  ERIN, WISCONSIN – The weather could be hit-or-miss this week at Erin Hills for the 117th playing of the U.S. Open. Two-time U.S. Open champion Andy North thinks the weather will be a huge factor. “The weather is going to have an unbelievable effect on this golf tournament.” North…

Weather the Wild Card at The Open View More
Louis Oosthuizen of South Africa wraps up against the cold as he stand son the tenth tee during the second round of the British Open golf championship on the Old Course in St. Andrews, Scotland, July 17, 2015. REUTERS/Russell Cheyne Picture Supplied by Action Images

Weather the Wild Card at The Open

Predicting the weather, as everyone knows, is an imperfect science, which is a nice way of saying forecasters get it wrong plenty often. They’re pretty good when it comes to predicting it’s going to be hot in Phoenix in July and it’s going to be cold in International Falls in…

The Hard Stuff's Been Coming Down For Quite A While Now

Is it too much to ask Mother Nature to cut everyone a break for a week or two? It’s supposed to be springtime but last week half the United States had snow on the ground and the other half had aerated greens and still dormant fairways. The notion of the…