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Readers React to Proposed Rules Changes

Rules of Golf
The proposed rules changes have evoked plenty of reaction from amateur golfers and Tour pros.

USGA, R&A Propose Sweeping Changes to Rules

Issue Date: March 6, 2017

TOPIC: The USGA and R&A proposed sweeping changes to simplify the Rules of Golf. Read full issue.

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GLOBAL GOLF POST WRITES: “Those changes would eliminate the biggest ruls controversy that haunted the USGA in 2016.” Read “Golf’s Proposed Easier-to-Follow Rules Look Golden”


The following are letters received from our readers:

No More Caddies Lining Up Putts

I agree fully with the change disallowing caddies to line pros up.  Lining up is a critical part of the game with which I struggle.  It’s always bugged me that the LPGA players are lined up.

Bob Garnett

Current Penalties are Ridiculous

So many of the penalties in golf are ridiculous and make no difference to the outcome.

They just add to the bad feelings of the players and slow the game down more.

For example if the wind blows the ball a quarter of an inch, why not just go ahead where it ends up. What real difference does it make? Half the rules should be eliminated.   They should be focusing on making the game and the courses more enjoyable and half as costly.

As a senior on a limited pension and fees going up, quitting the game is not far away.

John Beatty

Rules Will Make Game Faster

Regarding the generally positive reaction on the proposed rule changes, there is one not addressed that my golf buddies and I think needs to be included – lift and drop from a divot in the fairway. A divot, sand filled or not (in the fairway), is no different than scuff marks or a damaged cup on the putting surface. It is a man-made defect that is an unjust penalty for a properly played golf ball.

Rich Ares

Rules Will Make Game Faster

I have seen rounds of golf getting longer and longer at my own golf course and on the professional tours. Enough is enough.

It looks like these changes will make the game faster. Ball searches are limited to 3 minutes. If you haven’t found it by then, move on, you’re not playing for a million dollars. And I don’t have to watch caddies lining up their players on the green anymore. That will save time. And with the rules getting simpler, the game will will be faster and more fun.

Greg Sanderson

Long Overdue

It’s about time! This is long overdue. For so long, the rules of golf have punished people unfairly or unnecessarily. Like moving a stick in a bunker lying next to my ball. Like accidentally touching the sand with my club, even if it doesn’t help me in any way. Like repairing a spike mark on the green – why is that a penalty? These changes are no-brainers. The game of golf needs them.

Tommy Bingham

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