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Readers React Strongly to Lexi Thompson Ruling

Lexi Thompson
Lexi Thompson reacts following her loss in a playoff against So Yeon Ryu during the final round of the ANA Inspiration at Mission Hills CC – Dinah Shore Tournament Course. Photo Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Lexi Thompson’s 4 Penalty Strokes Cost Her Major Title

Issue Date: April 3, 2017

TOPIC: Lexi Thompson was in command at the ANA Inspiration during the final round, until she was informed of four penalty strokes being added to her score. She eventually lost in a playoff. Read full issue.

GLOBAL GOLF POST WRITES: “The only thing that could have screwed up this otherwise great week was some arcane ruling….” Read more from Steve Eubanks.

PGA TOUR PLAYERS SOUND OFF: “There shouldn’t be any outside contact, whether it’s e-mail or phone calls, whatsoever, said Rickie Fowler.Read “At the Masters, Players Sound Off on Thompson Controversy”

SOCIAL MEDIA EXPLODES: “Unbelievable. Such a shame for @Lexi. The guy eating cheetos at home shouldn’t have a say in the outcome, wrote Smylie Kaufman.Read “Lexi Assessed Four-Stroke Penalty, Social Media Explodes”


Global Golf Post received more letter from readers than any other topic since last year’s Dustin Johnson ruling at the U.S. Open. The following are letters received from our readers:

The “Class Monitor”

Something HAS to be done about viewers phoning in infractions. It should not be allowed. If it is, then the entire field needs to be shadowed by cameras.

The infraction itself was ridiculous. The two-stroke penalty on top for signing the wrong card THE DAY AFTER is an insult. I am assuming the person that emailed this in was once the class monitor.

Carol Parla

Stop This Madness

It’s appalling that officials let an outsider cause such an injustice. Only the officials on the course should be making the calls. This doesn’t happen in any other sport! Stop this madness!

Joel T.

A Solution for the Tours

Tell the tours to turn off their emails and to not answer their phones during a golf event. Can you imagine a baseball score or a football score being changed the day after a game? Golf is out of its mind to allow this crapola to happen. Lexi gained nothing by what was micromanaged  by HD cameras to start with.

Larry Knight

Double Jeopardy

It is bad enough that someone watching television can call in and get a penalty assessed on a player, but to put the player in double jeopardy and give her a second penalty for signing an incorrect scorecard is wrong in every way I can think of. Based on the information at the time,Thompson signed a correct scorecard so she didn’t break the rule. If her score is changed after the initial signing she should be given the corrected scorecard to sign and only be subjected to one penalty.

Ken O’Connor

“Not My ANA Champion”

I’m sorry Ryu is not my ANA champion.  She should have refused to play in the playoff and given the win to Lexi.  She will be forever tainted by this.  No one should be able to call in hours after and event and affect the results.  Sports are live and decisions made in real time (or immediately after by replay).  Lexi won the ANA and stupid decisions took that away.

Bob Garnett

Allow No Fan Influence

There is no way that a fan watching TV should influence a sporting event.  That is all there is to the question.

Don Overton

Killing Our Game

I’m at a loss for words.  I cannot think of any other game on the planet where the fans can call in rules infractions and be taken seriously. I cannot tell you the number of times that I’ve watched a football game and swore at the ref’s “that’s holding you a….” but that’s as far as it goes – there is no 1-800 number to call where I would ever be taken as more than a kook.

In football, baseball, soccer, and even badminton there are officials on the field there to make the call.  Even in our beloved sport, each pairing (or threesome as in Houston) there are rules officials following ever group.  If they miss it – that’s how it goes.  Yes, in golf the rules officials are a few yards off the green as not to interfere – but they are there.

If our game is to come down to instant replay from the gallery – I’m done.  It will no longer be a game I want to be associate with.  As a compromise, I’m willing to let the trolls call in infractions from the cheap seats and if there is a rules official that is too busy watching butterflies in the 2nd cut – fine – fire them.  But the game goes on – but once the next player takes their shot – the time for objections is over.  Just like in any other sport.  The coach can throw the towel – but once the ball is put back into play the time for whining is over.

I may agree that the ball was moved, but there were people there that it was their sole purpose to watch and their ruling should be final – I may not like it, but for the good of the game – I will accept it.

Make this stop – it will kill our game.

Jeff Kahne

Setting the Game Backwards

Show me the “rule” in the Rules of Golf, that REQUIRES the committee to investigate every inquiry from outside sources! Again the governing “experts” set the game of golf backwards👎

Jeff Luz

A Disgrace

The Lexi Thompson issue is a disgrace to golf! Why do we allow “viewers” to be referees? Most important a day later! Stop it, this is wrong for a great game and the only game that allows it!

John D.

Golf Looks Ridiculous

This nonsense has to stop!!  No TV viewer should be able to email the LPGA or any other golfing organization to inform them of a perceived rules violation.  That must be left to the golfer and his/her playing partners and the tournament officials to determine in live time.  It is ridiculous for a viewer to be able to influence the outcome of a tournament a day after the rules violation occurred.  These messages from viewers should be rejected.  There are no other sporting events that allow this to happen.  It makes golf, its rules, and its reputation look ridiculous……

These type of calls result in nothing more than golf fans, such as myself, walking away from watching the sport.  Lexi Thompson did not intentionally violate the rule and apparently her playing partner did not think she had either.  How can she be so severely penalized for such an occurrence?   Shouldn’t happen.   Stupid and unnecessary, to say the least!!!  It’s happened in the past, i.e. Dustin Johnson, and has no place in golf or any sporting event.  Viewers should be just that – Viewers.  They should not be officials.

James J. Ombrello

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