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About GGPWomen

Stories about the women’s game are rarely told. That is why Global Golf Post is launching GGPWomen.

Our mission is simple: promote, support, and celebrate the women’s game.

We will tell the best stories about women’s golf – the competitors, the innovators, and the philanthropists. All these women are the kind of people with whom you can enjoy a round of golf. They find the game as challenging and exciting as you do!

Three days per week – Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday – we will deliver a premium-quality story that you won’t find anywhere else.

To accomplish this mission, we have assembled an all-star cast of talented female journalists. Click here to learn more about them.

Why is Global Golf Post embarking on this project? We have paid close attention to the LPGA and to the elite women’s amateur game since launching 13 years ago. Now we are going to broaden our lens to cover the totality of the women’s game.

So, what would we like you to do? We ask you to subscribe to support this initiative by buying a subscription and please tell your best golf pal about us. She will thank you.

Fairways and greens!