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Bryson DeChambeau, 17th hole, round two U.S. Open

The Scientific Method? 

Bryson DeChambeau Defies Convention With U.S. Open Approach

Is it possible, our Ron Green Jr. asked Bryson DeChambeau, for a player to impose his will on a U.S. Open golf course,...

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Rory McIlroy 11th hole shot

Fast Start for McIlroy At Soft Winged Foot

If every journey begins with a step, Rory McIlroy’s encouraging first round in the U.S. Open at benevolent Winged Foot on Thursday was...

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Tiger Woods walks alone

The Sound Of Silence

Winged Foot Won’t Be The Same Without Noise

No fans at this year's U.S. Open. It’s a necessary sacrifice, obviously, and a familiar one as professional golf rolls into its fourth...

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2020 U.S. Open Preview

In a year marked by challenge, the U.S. Open returns to one of the toughest tracks in its rota. Get prepped for the...


WInged Foot Clubhouse

U.S. Open Returns To Its Gnarly Roots At Winged Foot

Bring together all of the elements that make the U.S. Open what it is intended to be – the most demanding and intimidating...

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Strokes Gained

Unraveling The Strokes Gained Mystery

Strokes Gained is a statistic that's revolutionizing the approach of top pros. As our Sean Fairholm explains, a firm grasp of the numbers...


Read Global Golf Post, Sept. 14

This week’s GGP is available here.  


Swope Memorial Park

A Tillinghast Trilogy In The Heartland

You might not think heartland when you think of A.W. Tillinghast, but there are three Tilly treasures right in the heart of the...

Course Design


ANA Inspires Hope For Upcoming Majors

There were differences at the ANA Inspiration, but the quality of golf didn't suffer and that was a good sign for future majors....


Packed Grandstand

Playing To The Galleries Again

For the first time since March, thousands of fans will be present at a professional golf tournament. The milestone will be set this...

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Pinehurst Clubhouse

USGA Announces Golf House Pinehurst

Twenty-one years after Pinehurst Resort hosted its first U.S. Open, shadowed by questions about whether the quaint village in the North Carolina sandhills...