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Stephens Cup At Alotian Club A Worthy Tribute To Namesake

To fully appreciate the inaugural Jackson T. Stephens Cup, which will be played Sunday through Wednesday at the Alotian Club in Roland, Arkansas,...

Renton Laidlaw: So Much Left To Say

Renton Laidlaw, a legendary media man who died on 12 October at age 82, was a beacon of old-world courtesy in a changing...

Best Of 2021

Mickelson Again Proves He’s A Champions Champion

Among the many good things about the PGA Tour Champions is what it’s doing for Phil Mickelson’s bedazzled career. Our Ron Green Jr....

Men's Pro

No Surprises In Rule-Makers’ First Volley On Distance

Under a new Model Local Rule announced Tuesday by the USGA and R&A, those running professional or elite amateur competitions can limit the...

Brambles An Unpretentious Experience In California Wine Country

After building golf courses all over the world as an associate of Bill Coore, Ben Crenshaw and Tom Doak and crafting several layouts...

Course Design

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Well-Rounded Clyburn A Natural-Born Qualifier

Sports, at their core, are a meritocracy requiring a combination of talent and effort that leads to success. Few athletes have applied this...

Amateur Golf In 2021: A Year Of Parity

While amateur golf still has its standout players, the overall sentiment is that the window between the great and good has shrunk considerably....

Best Of 2021

Mountain Ridge Is Hidden No More

"Hidden gem” often seems a hackneyed way of describing a lesser-known and brilliantly designed golf course. But in the case of Mountain Ridge...

Best Of 2021

DeChambeau Aces ‘Chemistry’ Test

Ron Green Jr. touches on Bryson DeChambeau, Sam Burns, Billy Horschel, Justin Thomas and Jim "Bones" Mackay in this week's rendition of Green...

Men's Pro

Founders Cup A Fitting Tribute to LPGA Origins

This week the LPGA honors its pioneering founders with The Cognizant Founders Cup at Mountain Ridge Country Club in New Jersey. Our Steve...


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