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Informed Golf Journalism

PGA Tour Leads AR And Golf Video Gaming Boom

Buoyed by the pandemic and a burgeoning demand for interactive experiences within the sport, golf is enjoying a period of historic growth in...


ANALYSIS: LIV Lawsuit Could Change Golf Landscape

Now that 11 golfers from LIV Golf have filed an antitrust lawsuit against the PGA Tour challenging their suspensions for signing with the...

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No Love Lost On Defecting Players

When Davis Love III heard about LIV and its audacious plans, he counseled PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan its threat would fade. Instead,...

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Requiem For A Golf Equipment Heavyweight

Even the iconic name of Ben Hogan is not enough to spur the struggling equipment company that bears it. Our John Steinbreder has...


Muirfield History With Women Not Exactly What You Think

Plenty are under the impression that women’s golf at Muirfield, home of this week’s AIG Women’s Open, did not begin until 2017, the...

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What I Saw At The Revolution

What was the atmosphere like Friday at Trump National Bedminster when the LIV came to play? Our Ron Green Jr. was on hand...

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Ireland’s Last Dunesland Course?

St. Patrick’s Links A Northwest Stunner 

When you’re tasked with creating what in all likelihood may be the last links course built on dunesland in Ireland, you don’t want...

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Troon Looks To The Future With Upbeat Expectations

Troon, with 665 courses under management, has an eye on the future of golf properties. Our Dave Gould asked the questions, and Troon...


Golf’s Original Sportswasher: Nazi Financier Karl Henkell

LIV is not the first attempt at sportswashing through golf. That distinction goes to a regime generally considered far more horrific than the...

Triumphant Finau Meets Expectations 

There was a time, not that long ago, when all the deservedly nice things being said about Tony Finau came with an asterisk....

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MagnaReady Fits The Mission At U.S. Adaptive Open

It was a big deal when MagnaReady was named an official polo shirt for last week’s U.S. Adaptive Open in Pinehurst, North Carolina,...