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Best of 2020

Arnold Palmer and Bobby Sweeny

The Forgotten Glory of Bobby Sweeny

Who's that dashing man sharing the spotlight with Arnold Palmer before the final match of the 1954 U.S. Am? The short answer is...

Best of 2020

Paul Azinger

An Undefeated System: Paul Azinger and the 2008 Ryder Cup

A dozen years after Paul Azinger forged a new direction for U.S. Ryder Cup teams – a “pod” system that broke up a...

Best of 2020

Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods

2005 Open: The Torch Passed

Jack Bids Farewell; Tiger Triumphs

At the 2005 Open Championship, Jack Nicklaus competed in the event for the final time and Tiger Woods claimed his 10th major title....

Best of 2020

Normoyle’s Origins Of The Golf Species

David Normoyle, a former employee of the USGA and now one of the game’s leading historians who recently returned from a 40-day, coast-to-coast...

Best of 2020

David Normoyle’s 40-Day Odyssey

David Normoyle completed a 40-day journey from the east coast to the west coast and back again. It was an odyssey that included...

Best of 2020

Meghan MacLaren

The Erudite Artistry Of Meghan MacLaren

Young English golfer Meghan MacLaren is on the rise in her professional career. Our Lewine Mair reports that MacLaren displays honesty in assessing...

Best of 2020

McNulty Family

Farm To Fairway

McNulty Grows An Unlikely Amateur Career

The label “natural talent” gets thrown around too often, but Arkansas farmer Wes McNulty, 50, may be a golfer who deserves it. Our...

Best of 2020

Swope Memorial Park

A Tillinghast Trilogy In The Heartland

You might not think heartland when you think of A.W. Tillinghast, but there are three Tilly treasures right in the heart of the...

Best of 2020

Strokes Gained

Unraveling The Strokes Gained Mystery

Strokes Gained is a statistic that's revolutionizing the approach of top pros. As our Sean Fairholm explains, a firm grasp of the numbers...

Best of 2020

Sergio Garcia portrait

Sergio With Eyes Wide Shut

Close your eyes and think about Sergio García for a moment. What do you see? Our Ron Green Jr. has the story in...

Best of 2020

Social Butterflies

European Tour Social Media Content Sets The Standard In All Of Sport

The European Tour's variety, originality of content and humour on social media have won numerous awards and commendations. The content is often as...

Best of 2020

John Updike

The Art Of Gronkle

James Dodson recalls a memorable round of golf with author and Dodson's former neighbor, John Updike, in Dodson's latest rendition of The Good...

Best of 2020