Monday, May 29, 2023
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‘Foot on the gas’

Spiegel climbs retail heights at PGA Tour Superstore

Native Michigander and MSU graduate Jill Spiegel thrives as president of 60 PGA Tour Superstore outlets in 23 states.

Fashion forward

Susan Hess builds Golftini from the ground up

Frustrated by a lack of fashionable golf wear for women, Susan Hess did what any self-motivated stay-at-home mom would do - she started...

Rising through the ranks

Lauren Greenlief climbs ladder in golf and business

Lauren Greenlief's will to succeed both athletically and academically has helped her rise to the highest ranks in the working world while she...

In honor of Marilynn Smith

LPGA founder pushed the women’s game forward

Marilynn Smith, with her trailblazing spirit, inquisitive nature, and passion for adventure and sports, was a co-founder of the LPGA Tour and helped...

A success story

Morton Women’s Golf Mentors sets tone at Haggin Oaks

At Morton Golf, they call it “the toughest 100 yards in golf” – the walk from the range to the first tee. They...

Brynn’s journey

Part III: A lonely pursuit

Brynn Walker Collins faces struggles on the course and loneliness off it in her quest to reach the LPGA Tour, but she holds...

The Year of Women’s Golf

New Jersey State Golf Association celebrates, to host multiple events

With four LPGA events in the Garden State and the inaugural New Jersey Women’s Open Championship in 2023, there is certainly ample reason...

Poised and professional

Cara Banks becomes one of golf’s most reliable broadcasters

Through equal parts determination and serendipity, Cara Banks has become one of the most admired broadcasting figures in the game. Our Emilia...

Coming full circle

Taylor Babcock oversees 2,800-member club

Managing a club of nearly 3,000 members requires extra work on building relationships and understanding the detailed needs of the club, which is...

Driving female golf participation 

LPGA’s Nancy Henderson works to grow women’s game

Nancy Henderson, who once dreamed of being a professional golfer, now is one of the driving forces in helping to grow the women's...

A way forward

For most women, today's courses are simply too long

Despite reports detailing the issue, for most women, playing a golf course from an appropriate length is simply not an option. Sally Potts...

Teaching lessons from a life on tour

Vicki Goetze-Ackerman shares more than golf with next generation

As Player President of the LPGA, Vicki Goetze-Ackerman is the one who raps knuckles when players step out of line. But she is...