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Selling enthusiasm

Annie Vanzant is Oakmont’s unsung merchandising hero

A squirrel can only carry a golf club's sales so far. It takes a passionate merchandiser like Oakmont Country Club's Annie Vanzant to...


Breakout star

Hally Leadbetter infuses comedy into golf

Hally Leadbetter fought the urge to give up on a career as a professional golfer, but the opportunities away from the course were...

Graduating to coaching

Players enjoy staying in the college game

Traditionally, the next step for collegiate golfers has been to try their hand on the professional tour. But more college players are finding...

Path of discovery

Isabella DiLisio embraces golf after learning family’s unique history

Isabella DiLisio initially wanted nothing to do with golf. But that was before she knew her family had a connection with one of...

Never-ending quest

Martha Leach continues drive to play in USGA championships

Martha Leach's competitive nature has been on display at USGA championships for more than 30 years. After competing in 81 of them, she...

Creatively competitive

Katie Miller Gee brings artistic approach to life, golf

Whether it is playing golf or decorating an ice cream cake, Katie Miller Gee is always looking for creative ways to be successful....

Capitalizing on opportunity

Marissa Mar sees possibilities on course and in business

Marissa Mar's analytical nature serves her well in her work as a venture capitalist. It also pays dividends in her mid-amateur golf career....


Pioneer woman

Kim Gradisek instrumental in 2023 U.S. Women’s Mid-Am at Stonewall

When Kim Gradisek first joined Stonewall, she was determined to grow women's golf at the club. That tenacity helped bring the 2023 U.S....

Cardinal rules

Behind humble roots, Walker builds Stanford dynasty

Stanford, under coach Anne Walker, is nothing short of a juggernaut that could challenge some of the great college golf dynasties of all...

Behind the scenes 

Emily Palmer serves USGA, state golf associations in variety of roles

Emily Palmer took a chance on herself when she applied for an internship more than 20 years ago. That roll of the dice...


Come on in 

Sheena Willoughby welcomes Walker Cup guests to Dunvegan

Although Sheena Willoughby is no longer the co-owner of the Dunvegan Hotel - one of the most iconic 19th holes in the world...

Forever young

Cheryl Rogers, 83, discovers passion for golf late in life 

For most of Cheryl Rogers' 83 years, she lived a life that included almost everything except golf. A love match at 78 changed...