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Ever-evolving CGA Women’s Golf Summit still going strong

When the CGA and the CWGA merged in early 2018, there was some that women’s golf could get lost in the shuffle. But...


Game improvement

Hawaii’s Mary Bea Porter-King makes golf better than she found it

Mary Bea Porter-King has led a life full of accomplishments and adventures and she has done so with the intention of leaving things...

Late bloomer

Colorado’s Christie Austin stands out as champion and rules expert

As a relative latecomer to golf, Christie Austin has immersed herself in all parts the game, winning tournaments and rising in the ranks...


It’s a spring thing: Longer days, shorter skirts

As spring draws near, women will be looking to add some style to their golfing attire. And this spring's trends feature shorter skirts,...

Variety pack

Callaway expands women’s offerings with versatile ball lineup

Not all golfers are the same, and neither are golf balls. Callaway some specifically designed for women – to accommodate a wide range...


Selling enthusiasm

Annie Vanzant is Oakmont’s unsung merchandising hero

A squirrel can only carry a golf club's sales so far. It takes a passionate merchandiser like Oakmont Country Club's Annie Vanzant to...

Strick-ly business

Steve Stricker forges on as daughters, wife ramp up competition

It's no understatement to say that the Stricker family takes golf seriously. From father Steve to mother Nicki and now daughters Bobbi and...


Mind games

Golf instructor Alison Curdt helps golfers realize their ‘best version’

With college degrees in psychology and professional golf management, Alison Curdt had two career paths she could have chosen. So of course she...

A bold approach

Ina Kim-Schaad applies ‘fearless’ mindset to golf and life

Ina Kim-Schaad credits the help of a sports psychologist with re-igniting her passion for the game, and now, as a full-time mental-performance coach,...

Winter wonder

FSGA revitalizes Women’s International Four-Ball

A little more than 10 years ago, the Women's International Four-Ball championship was on its way out. Now, with the Florida State Golf...

Trending: Cold comfort

Callaway Apparel helps women warm up to the weather

Cold-weather gear continues to rise as a category in golf, and one of the go-to brands for women is Callaway Apparel. Our Lisa...


No regrets

For Pat Lesser Harbottle, family over pro golf was an easy choice

Pat Lesser was a rising star who more than held own against future LPGA hall of famers. But she gave it all up...