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Rose in full bloom

Zhang makes case for greatest collegiate female golfer ever

Debates about who is the greatest in any particular sport are inevitable. But in the world of collegiate women's golf, Rose Zhang just...

All in good fun

LPGA Amateur Golf Association expands women’s game

For the LPGA, always on the lookout to bring adult women into the game, the decision to acquire the LPGA Amateur Golf Association...

The proper fit

Club fitting a difference maker for women golfers of all abilities

An age-old assumption is that fitted clubs are of little benefit to a beginner golfer. New data suggest that women golfers benefit significantly...

Never too late

After coming to golf later in life, Susan West relishes role in the game

Susan West has found golfing success after taking up the game later in life than most, proof that someone can begin the game...

Better together

Merged golf associations benefit women across the board

During the past decade, more state golf associations serving men have joined forces with those serving women. In many cases, mergers also amplify...

Whole new ballgame

AGA’s Women’s Amateur Championship an important step forward

The Amateur Golf Alliance saw a need in elite-level women's golf and has filled that need with the Women's Amateur Championship. Our Jim...

Partnership in sync

Mill River Club pros redefine teamwork

Jason Caron and Liz Janangelo, pros at Mill River Club on Long Island and married with two children, connect and gel on a...


Beyond her years 

Caila Roberts rises from AJGA intern to LPGA tournament director

Caila Roberts went from being a college intern at the American Junior Golf Association to her current role as tournament director for an...

‘Foot on the gas’

Spiegel climbs retail heights at PGA Tour Superstore

Native Michigander and MSU graduate Jill Spiegel thrives as president of 60 PGA Tour Superstore outlets in 23 states.

Fashion forward

Susan Hess builds Golftini from the ground up

Frustrated by a lack of fashionable golf wear for women, Susan Hess did what any self-motivated stay-at-home mom would do - she started...

Rising through the ranks

Lauren Greenlief climbs ladder in golf and business

Lauren Greenlief's will to succeed both athletically and academically has helped her rise to the highest ranks in the working world while she...

In honor of Marilynn Smith

LPGA founder pushed the women’s game forward

Marilynn Smith, with her trailblazing spirit, inquisitive nature, and passion for adventure and sports, was a co-founder of the LPGA Tour and helped...