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Informed Golf Journalism
Rory McIlroy Rules of Golf

Rules Are Golf’s Guidepost Despite Their Quirks

Rules, rules, rules. This is the year that the game’s rules were supposedly simplified – and they were – but that hasn’t prevented...

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Yale Golf Course
Best of 2019

Hail Yale

Iconic University Course Still Among Nation’s Best

Yale Golf Course is an architectural treasure and one of the most dramatic and demanding tracks in the game. Our John Steinbreder chronicles...


Read Global Golf Post, Nov. 18

The U.S. Edition is available here.    |    The European Edition is available here.

Luke Donald

Game Leaves Luke Donald Behind, But He Keeps Battling

Luke Donald is among the group of short hitters who have been lost in the shuffle on today's PGA Tour, where length is...

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Kristoffer Ventura

Kristoffer Ventura’s Tenacity Brings Him Home

Mexico native Kristoffer Ventura returns to his home country this week for the Mayakoba Golf Classic after taking quite a circuitous route to...

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Shirley Spork LPGA Rolex Players Awards

Shirley Spork Still Lighting A Spark At 92 

At 92, Shirley Spork is one of only two living LPGA founders of the original 13. She is still active and energetic, and...


Answering The Game’s Most Pressing Questions 

There are plenty of questions to be answered in golf as the calendar winds down on 2019. Our Ron Green Jr. tackles the...

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Range Renaissance

How Transformed Ranges Are Driving Growth In The Game

As Topgolf and similar golf entertainment complexes have expanded throughout the world at a breakneck pace, their effect has rubbed off on more...


Read Global Golf Post, Nov. 11

The U.S. edition is available here.   |   The European edition is available here.

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Curtis Thompson thoughtful

Curtis Thompson Walks Line Between Success, Failure

Curtis Thompson's professional journey has been fraught with yips, anxiety and heartache. So much so that he nearly gave up the game. But...

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TIger Woods, Presidents Cup captain

Easy Presidents Cup Call: Tiger Woods Picks Tiger Woods

The easiest part of Tiger Woods’ job as captain of the U.S. Presidents Cup team may have been adding himself to the playing...

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A New Course On An Old Site In Ever-Changing Las Vegas

The newly reopened Wynn Golf Club is the reincarnation of the course of the same name that closed down a few years ago,...

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