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Arcola Stands Out As A New Jersey Giant

Founded in 1909, Arcola Country Club just northwest of New York City has become known as one of the finest golf course in...

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A Shining Light

Globe-Trotting Beth Allen A Beacon For Family Commitment

Beth Allen's roller-coaster golf career has included dark moments, but this family-oriented, globe-trotting Californian is pointing toward an illuminating future as a college...

Off-Course Golf Cart Business Gains Traction

In many areas of the United States, off-course carts – dubbed personal transportation vehicles (PTVs) by manufacturers – have transcended into a common...


A Tale Of Two Franks

Today's turmoil between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf provides a backdrop for revisiting the role Frank Sinatra and Frank Beard played in...

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Could Travis Vick Be Texas’ Next PGA Tour Star?

University of Texas star Travis Vick has enjoyed a highlight-reel summer and early fall, and he'll ramp it up with two upcoming PGA...

Charlotte CC’s Williamson Makes It Look Easy

For Eric Williamson, director of golf at Charlotte Country Club, the game and the life are woven together, combining to lead him to...


Minor Decline in September U.S. Rounds Played Still Outpaces Golf Playable Hours

September 2022 U.S. golf rounds played were down 1.7 percent vs. September 2021 according to the monthly report from Golf Datatech. This follows...


Casting Light On PGA Tour’s Long-Shadow Stage

Last week's CJ Cup hints at next year with the designation of 12 elevated events while raising a question of what happens to...

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Santa Rosa Golf & Beach Club A Blueprint For Redesign Success

Santa Rosa Golf & Beach Club in Florida's Panhandle may be in the middle of nowhere, but there's a civilization of good golf...


Building Block

K.C. Developer Ken Block Leads Oakwood CC’s Reinvention

Kansas City developer Ken Block, a six-decade member at Oakwood Country Club, never imagined buying a golf course. But that was before he...

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The U.S. Edition is available here.   The International Edition is available here.