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Informed Golf Journalism

Never-ending quest

Martha Leach continues drive to play in USGA championships

Martha Leach's competitive nature has been on display at USGA championships for more than 30 years. After competing in 81 of them, she...


At 125 years old, New Haven is a walk in the Park

Take a look back to 1898, when New Haven Country Club was founded in Connecticut and Harry Vardon won the British Open at...


LaCount offers generational leadership to The Country Club

Kristen LaCount is front of the house at one of America’s most storied clubs – The Country Club – which has been the...


Creatively competitive

Katie Miller Gee brings artistic approach to life, golf

Whether it is playing golf or decorating an ice cream cake, Katie Miller Gee is always looking for creative ways to be successful....


Patching it up

Augusta National partnership with muni stokes interest

The announcement that Augusta National will partner with Augusta Municipal Golf Course, known as "The Patch,” has brought renewed interest to the local...


PGA Tour raises stakes with fall schedule

The PGA Tour resumes this week at the Fortinet Championship in Napa, California, and we take a look ahead in the latest rendition...


Wendell Coffee brews up Georgia gem

The Wendell Coffee Golf Center in Tyrone, Georgia, about 28 miles southwest of Atlanta, has survived three decades and is a testament to...


Capitalizing on opportunity

Marissa Mar sees possibilities on course and in business

Marissa Mar's analytical nature serves her well in her work as a venture capitalist. It also pays dividends in her mid-amateur golf career....


Read GGP, Sept. 11



Pioneer woman

Kim Gradisek instrumental in 2023 U.S. Women’s Mid-Am at Stonewall

When Kim Gradisek first joined Stonewall, she was determined to grow women's golf at the club. That tenacity helped bring the 2023 U.S....


Next on your bucket list …

St. Lucia a stunning Caribbean golf destination

Every moment that necessitates a photo or video at Point Hardy Golf Club, the centerpiece of a stunning Caribbean development on St. Lucia...


NFL’s ‘Jaws’ has big appetite for golf

Former NFL quarterback Ron Jaworski now calls the signals for Ron Jaworski Golf Management, a thriving business that includes seven golf courses in...