Saturday, April 1, 2023
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Informed Golf Journalism

Entrepreneur at heart

Spicer builds Daphne’s Headcovers from the ground up

Jane Spicer had a simple goal: sell enough headcovers to buy a used car. She met that and earned more than just a...



The girl in the middle 

Marissa Kay chooses her own path

From an early age, Marissa Kay seemed destined to be a professional golfer. But after a successful junior career, she has charted a...


The loss of a loyal looper

Stunned and saddened, Alker soldiers on

Sam Workman, after four years on the bag of PGA Tour Champions star Steven Alker, recently died at age 55 after a brief...

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Kirk denies demons and Cole, who earns consolation prize

Chris Kirk, a 37-year-old recovering alcoholic, won the Honda Classic by beating 34-year-old rookie Eric Cole, who looked like he had spent dozens...

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Couples game

Mario, Melissa Bellomo guide Outpost Club for golf travelers

Mario and Melissa Bellomo make golf a couples game as the director of golf and general manager, respectively, of the Outpost Club. Our...


Far from finished

Meghan Stasi still setting goals, earning tournament titles

The competitive résumé of Meghan Stasi is a decorated record of a lifelong amateur who is still adding to her bucket list. Our...


Lifelong lessons from ‘Arnold’

Our Steve Eubanks called him “Arnold,” in part because that’s what Arnold Palmer's secretary Doc Giffin called him; also because Eubanks wasn’t old...

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Read GGP, Feb. 27


USGA launches U.S. National Development Program

The USGA on Friday launched the U.S. National Development Program, partnering with several leading golf organizations to create the country’s first “unified pathway...


Competitive amateur golf an ‘expensive hobby’

Elite amateur golfers travel across the United States, and often internationally, to compete in tournaments with no prize money on the line. Our...


Laura Baugh’s kid

Eric Cole, making his mark, is much more than that

Eric Cole, the son of Bobby Cole and Laura Baugh, is well aware of his family's legacy in golf. But, he also knows,...

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LIV incurs another legal blow

In a not-unexpected ruling handed down Tuesday afternoon in the U.S. District Court of Northern California, Judge Beth Labson Freeman ruled in favor...

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