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Informed Golf Journalism

McIlroy’s resilience faces test after Open flub

While Bryson DeChambeau was still celebrating his rousing victory in the U.S. Open, Rory McIlroy’s devastating failure lingered like the smoke from a...


Pinehurst proves it has ties that bind

For decades now, Pinehurst Resort has called itself “the home of American golf," and it was proven last week at the U.S. Open....


Major form

Stephanie Connelly Eiswerth grows as instructor and player

Stephanie Connelly Eiswerth tried her hand at the life of a professional golfer, but it wasn't until she stopped trying to make a...


Read GGP, June 24

Read the North American edition here. Read the International edition here.


DeChambeau counters Pinehurst’s punches

Pinehurst No. 2 is everything a U.S. Open should be: challenging, maddening and a place where bogeys are as prevalent as Skittles at...



Galvin Green offers multi-layered waterproof creations

In the tradition of Swedish innovation, Galvin Green's high-performing, elevated apparel is meant to be effective in any weather, using functional materials designed...


Questions await Rory McIlroy on U.S. Open weekend

Before and during major championships, questions whirl around Rory McIlroy much as squawking seagulls hover overhead when the fishing boats return to port....


Golf’s greatest showman

DeChambeau stars under U.S. Open’s big top

Bryson DeChambeau mashes golf balls like car crushers turn old Chevrolets into giant doorstops, and that's only part of his allure.


Pinehurst gives as much as it gets in Open

Place the U.S. Open at Pinehurst No. 2 and it can feel as tough as the slog back from a long day at...


A salute to the ‘most important man in Pinehurst’

The most important man in Pinehurst this week may be someone with whom you are not familiar. Few people are, and yet they...


Finding her lane

Gabby DeGasperis, 16, rises as golf social-media star

A golfer having a strong social media following isn't all that unusual. But more than 450,000 followers? For a 16-year-old? That's rarified air,...


A natural menace

Pinehurst looms as U.S. Open danger zone

It’s easy to find words that describe Pinehurst. Charming. Quaint. Timeless. This week may add a new one to the list: Dangerous.