Friday, June 9, 2023
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Informed Golf Journalism

Poised and professional

Cara Banks becomes one of golf’s most reliable broadcasters

Through equal parts determination and serendipity, Cara Banks has become one of the most admired broadcasting figures in the game. Our Emilia...


Katherine Jemsek combines business with growth of golf

As president of Jemsek Golf, Katherine Jemsek has needed to be both pragmatic and diplomatic in an industry dominated by men.


Coming full circle

Taylor Babcock oversees 2,800-member club

Managing a club of nearly 3,000 members requires extra work on building relationships and understanding the detailed needs of the club, which is...


Read GGP, May 1

    The U.S. Edition is available here. Get your free subscription.   The International Edition is available here. Get your free subscription. ... Get...


The legend of the PAT

Chasing dreams, 36 holes at a time

The Playing Ability Test is a 36-hole, pressure-filled examination in which a player aspiring to get into the golf industry through the PGA...


College Golf Experience camps fill glaring void

College Golf Experience camps offer junior golfers access, engagement and education to help them make sound decisions about their future.


Driving female golf participation 

LPGA’s Nancy Henderson works to grow women’s game

Nancy Henderson, who once dreamed of being a professional golfer, now is one of the driving forces in helping to grow the women's...


Alexa Pano, 18, blossoms right before our eyes

Alexa Pano is just 18 years old and a rookie on the LPGA Tour. It only feels as though we’ve known her forever.


A quick 18 with quandaries, questions and quirks

As the PGA Tour slips off to Puerta Vallarta this week for the Vidanta Mexico Open, leaving behind the grilled oysters in New...


Mill River Club pros redefine teamwork

Jason Caron and Liz Janangelo, pros at Mill River Club on Long Island and married with two children, connect and gel on a...


A way forward

For most women, today's courses are simply too long

Despite reports detailing the issue, for most women, playing a golf course from an appropriate length is simply not an option. Sally Potts...


Americans just love Royal Dornoch

Dornoch, a legendary burgh and golf course in Scotland that is the royal recipient of strong American affections, appears to be on the...