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Informed Golf Journalism

Lunches with a legend

Welcoming spring with memories of Herbert Warren Wind

Twenty-five years ago, as spring reluctantly returned to northern New England, I received a surprising phone call from a golf-writing legend. “Mr. Dodson,” said...


A sparkling masterpiece

Original artistry and added polish help Seminole shine

As the Coleman Invitational is played this week at Seminole Golf Club, it is easy to see why original artistry combined with some...


Pocketing greatness

Scottie Scheffler surpasses ‘high expectations’

Remember when there were questions about Scottie Scheffler and his putting? When there were Scheffler doubters? When other players were winning PGA Tour...


A-list event: Coleman Invitational a perfect fit at Seminole

The Coleman Invitational, which attracts top mid-amateurs and senior ams, is being played this week at Seminole Golf Club. It's a perfect fit.


Creating access

Perez-Berkeley is opening doors through golf

As a Latina, Lourdes Perez-Berkeley is well aware of the challenges minorities face. She also knows golf can open many doors and has...


Read GGP, April 22

Read the North American edition here. Read the International edition here.


Style meets function

A. Putnam’s new line homes in on versatility

A. Putnam's design have a classic look, yet the fabrics, stretch properties, UPF protection and overall styling make it completely functional and relevant...


Aon puts its strategy to work on the PGA Tour

In many ways, it makes sense that Aon, the international consulting firm, uses professional golf to market its services. After all, much of...


Texas pioneer

Robin Burke paves way for next generation at Chevron Championship

When the best women's golfers in the world descend on The Woodlands, Texas, there to watch will be Robin Burke, a true star...


Hungry for more

Homa leaves Masters with taste for big wins

While Scottie Scheffler won his second Masters in three years and further separated himself from everyone else in professional golf, Max Homa may...



Clemson’s Pancake thrives amid change

Not much seems to rattle Clemson's Annabelle Pancake, so there's no reason to expect that playing in the Augusta National Women's Amateur will...


Is Scottie Scheffler unstoppable?

Second green jacket another milestone for World No. 1

From the outside looking in, it appears as if the gap between Scottie Scheffler and the rest of professional golf is widening. Is...